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From: Josh

Design Name : Up Biz

Number of Colors : 3+

Size : With - 3
Height - 3

Unit : Inches

Fabric : Cap Front, Left Chest, Others

Machine Format : Tajima (*.dst)

Turnaround : 72 Hrs

Message Body:
I honestly want different sizes of this image…
1- one for a very small cap design, that will just take up a little space on the cap, so maybe 2×1.5" or something small that you think will look good.

2 – One bigger cap design, that will be the main image in the front of the hat, maybe 4×3 or something you think will look good

3- i need a 3D puff design, please just do a a run stitch of the entire outline of the design, and then stop the machine. I will add a foam piece, then tell the machine to redo the entire design in a satin stitch, on top of the foam piece. So now it will look like 3D puff, like this:
OR check out the puff they made here: https://www.brokenarrowwear.com/embroidery/3dembroidery.html

4- one left chest logo placement on a cotton shirt, Im not sure if thats around 4×4 or 6×6, whatever you think looks better

5- one center shirt design that will be the main image, so at least 8in X 10? Or whatever you think looks better

— all of the above is for artwork 1—————————————-

For artwork 2- I would like all the same placements and sizes as the above logo but instead of taller, like the Upbiz logo… we need this "trendingish" logo to be longer instead of taller.
So the main design image should be maybe 4×8 or something you think looks proportionate! Thanks!!

Your target prices:5 each

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